How much do about animals?

This is all about animals. Just to let you know I love animals! This is all you need to know. Unless you read paragraph 2. I can't think of any words. You can go now!

Are you smart enough for all those questions? Maybe not but we'll see. There is a lot of animal questions like 20. Do you know them all? So get ready get set GO!

Created by: Funnygirl😀😀😀
  1. Which is the largest members of the cat family?
  2. What are female dolphins called?
  3. How long do gorillas live?
  4. Do female Asian elephants have tusks?
  5. True or false cheetahs cannot roar
  6. If you breed a lion and tiger what do you get?
  7. What do you call a baby shark?
  8. True or false cheetahs cannot climb
  9. True or false whales hate to sing
  10. A group on of tigers is called
  11. What are frogs?
  12. How many stomachs does a giraffe have?
  13. What color is giraffe tongue?
  14. True or false cows and horses sleep standing
  15. True or false hummingbirds cannot fly backwards
  16. What animal lays the biggest eggs?
  17. Which mosquitoes bites humans
  18. How many pairs of wings does a bee have?

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