How much can you guess about me?

Hi...hello...hiya everyone! Just a quiz about me. Just use your intuition. Listen to that inner voice speaking to you, ok?! If your instincts isn't so strong enough, then go with the first thing that come to you mind ok?!

INTUITION. This quiz is mainly to see how intuitive you are. Go on. Enjoy. Go with your gut feeling! We'll soon find out how much you can guess right about me. Go go go!

Created by: Nicolette

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  1. What is my sunsign?
  2. What/Who among the following is my highest priority?
  3. Am I emotional or practical?
  4. What is the initial alphabet of my best friend's name?
  5. What am I among these?
  6. What do I lack?
  7. What do I love to write?
  8. Idealist or eccentric?
  9. What do I most want the love of my life to be like?
  10. My hair colour?

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Quiz topic: How much can I guess about me?