How much beautiful are you from inside?

God gave everyone beauty from inside or outside. If a person looks very attractive from outside and has no beauty inside then they will have people to tell them "You are so beautiful"....but no one to share jokes and no one in front of whom they can be an open book. That's because no one will want to be very deep friend with a person having no beauty inside.

I think everyone must know how much beautiful they are from inside. As it is much more important than your physical beauty. Once i had a friend and she looked very ugly with pimples and with devil teeth both sides...but many wanted to be her best friend as she was unbelievably beautiful from inside. And so now its your turn to check out your inner beauty.

Created by: Sabila Khatun
  1. If you're good at painting and others like to show you pictures they have painted and they are not that good but you know telling the truth would heart them then what would you do?
  2. How much jealous are you when some one is better than you? (Truth is needed)
  3. Do you have friends who are open book to you or you can be open to them
  4. How much sad do you feel for your friends
  5. How do you feel when people say in trains"see that man singing and wanting money, he sings so bad" and laughs
  6. What do you mean by inner beauty?
  7. Now how much are you physically beautiful
  8. If someone disturbs you.
  9. Are you open?
  10. Please share it and i hope you enjoyed it. Are you popular as a good person

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Quiz topic: How much beautiful am I from inside?