How Much Are You Like the Joker?

Do you think you're evil and cunning like mista J? Maybe you are maybe you aren't. Do you kill for money or for the fun of it? Or are you insane? Well from what j says is that you can't just be him, you have to earn it-Harley Quinn?

I'm dedicating this quiz to my amazing, beautiful man of 6 months-Andrew;* so do you think you are joker like? Well have fun finding out here! Stay Crazy B-----s!!! ^^

Created by: meerkat
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Favorite way to kill?
  3. Do you have a girl friend?
  4. If you were a villain would she be your sidekick?
  5. Do you smack when you eat/chew?
  6. Favorite weapon?
  7. Are you mentally disturbed?
  8. Are you mentally disturbed?
  9. Do you turn on people that you ask for help?
  10. Were you scarred as a child?
  11. Are you male or female?
  12. Are you male or female?

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Quiz topic: How Much am I Like the Joker?