How Much Are You Like Me (Word Edition)

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Look at this! Another quiz thing. This one has all my favorite made up word variations in it. See if you like any of them and we'll see how much you think like me.

This quiz will have various words. Just tell me if you'd rather use the original names of things or my made up variations and we'll see how much you are like me.

Created by: Fallen Corrin
  1. Banana or Banamba
  2. Cookies or coobies
  3. Potatoes or potaboes
  4. Squid or squib
  5. Worms or wormbz
  6. Sleep or skeep
  7. Chickens or chibins
  8. Food or nommies
  9. Enderman or Tallman
  10. Cake or cabe
  11. Love or lub
  12. Nighttime or moontime
  13. Lamp post or blamp post
  14. Cuttlefish or cuddlefish
  15. Small noise or tiny squee

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Quiz topic: How Much am I Like Me (Word Edition)