How Much Are You Like Me?

Are you like me?Take this quiz to find out if you are a worthless peon,a newbie,smoken hot,on fire,or like my long lost twin!This is my first quiz made!You need to cheak my profile and front page to see my neat new quizes!

Are YOU like me?Take this quiz to find out!There are very few ppl like me due to my strange personality!If you were like me you would be like my long lost twin!Im weird,but i make a great friend!

Created by: BlueStar123

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  1. If You Where A Magical Creature,Witch Would You Be?
  2. Hair Colour?
  3. Eye Colour?
  4. Skin Colour?
  5. How Do Your Friends Describe You?
  6. How Do Boys Describe You?
  7. Best Colour?
  8. Musical Instument?
  9. idk
  10. Fave Animal?
  11. Best Food?

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Quiz topic: How Much am I Like Me?