How Much Are You Like Me?

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There are many people in the world, with many personalities, likes, and dislikes. Sometimes, you will find your other half, a person that is just like you, wether in appearance or personality

Maybe YOU are my other half! Can you be? Will you have the same looks and personality as me? Can we even pass off as twins? Take my quiz to find out! To understand and answer the last question, please take my other quiz, "What Element Are You?" first! Do that by clicking my name in blue letters! And it would help if you posted you results in the comments!

Created by: gladeyen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay, this quiz is for GIRLS ONLY! Got it?
  2. What is your hair color?
  3. What is your race? (not trying to be rascist!)
  4. What is your skin color? (NOT TRYING TO BE RASCIST!)
  5. Do you have freckles?
  6. Are you an animal lover?
  7. Are you a city, country, or suburban girl?
  8. Do you have a pet? Or pets?
  9. If yes, or really want one, what type of animal do you have? Or want?
  10. Are you an "eco kid"?
  11. What element are you? (take my What Element Are You? quiz to find out!)
  12. Are you short, tall, or just average?
  13. Goodbye! Thank you for taking my quiz! Please rate and comment!

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Quiz topic: How Much am I Like Me?