who is the right man for you?

there are many good looking people in the world. good looking meaning appearance. it's not just about the appearance it's about their personality and what they treat you like

should you fall in love with a fat man, rich man, animal lover man or just the guy who's right for you. find out in just a few minutes and you will get the answer!

Created by: rebecca
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  1. first your at the park sat down on a swing you look at this man doing his business on someones front garden so you look somewhere else and see a guy having a fight with this lady. who do you like more?
  2. you then see this other guy taking pictures of houses. you think o...k... then you see another guy drawing cute animals on peoples house walls. who do you now prefer?
  3. you then see all of them coming up to you then stopping and looking at each other. they all shout she's mine and run towards you. what are you thinking now?
  4. they all come at you and speak at onc one says "hi my name is Leo wanna hang out i love animals and i got a place of my own somewhere. we can go now"
  5. then another guy says "hi my name is Blake, i love food and i wanna set up my restaurant. i am very fit and healthy" then you realize he's really fat!
  6. another one says "hi im danny i noticed you around and ur hot, i got a limo a mansion and everything u ever wanted wanna date?
  7. the last one just says "hi my name is Jay you ok you seem a little down... not in a bad way!"
  8. the all pull out a present prepared for you Jay gets you a key, but a key to a Lamborghini Gallardo. Leo gets you a puppy. Blake gets you a sandwich, and Danny gets you a ring. which gift do you like better.
  9. then they all walk over to their cars and try to have a race. Jay has a ford focus, Danny has a Smart car Sports, Leo has a van and Blake has a Renault Scenic.
  10. the all have a race Danny comes first, Blake comes second, Leo come third and Jay comes last. what do you think?

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