how much are you like me?

I made this quiz because i was bored. i hope you enjoy it. it is awesome! hiii enjoy it and commet how much you are like me. have fun taking this quiz.

hjiii i love cake how bout you? this is a good quiz to get to know each other dont you think? take it and rate! got it. You got it dude! HII how are you? I love you.

Created by: Degrassi girl

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. the first question didn't count. How old are you
  2. do you watch americas best dance crew? if you do what was your fave crew on season 6 out of theese
  3. what is your favorite sport
  4. do you like twilight
  5. what do you think of justin beiber?
  6. are you hyper most of the time
  7. what type of guys do you fall for
  8. whats your favorite color
  9. whats the color of your hair
  10. how many boyfriends have you had

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me?