how much are u like me?

Hey guys this quiz was made in honor of my close friend Clara Ford. This is a qiz about how much ur like me. U can see if i met u if we will get allong. There are all sorts of questions, dere type, colour and more.

Take this super fun quiz guys. Be aware this is my first quiz so it may not be the best quiz ever. Hope u guys like it!! I will make other quizzes soon so be on the lookout for them. Enjoy Lauren XXX

Created by: Lauren Aresement

  1. What is ur age?
  2. what is ur gender
  3. What pet do u want?
  4. Wich dere are u?
  5. What is ur fav game?
  6. manga or anime?
  7. What are ur fav colour?
  8. do u like Gacha life
  10. wat describes u the best?
  11. SEE YA!

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