What Dere Are You?

This is an Anime Quiz! This quiz will be questioning what Dere, or anime stereotype, you are! Do this quiz and it will reveal what your Dere is! Hope you enjoy!

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Created by: GG

  1. Do you have a senpai, or crush that never notices you?
  2. Are you overprotective of your senpai?
  3. Would you kill someone for your senpai?
  4. Are you mean to your Senpai?
  5. Are you very shy towards your Senpai?
  6. Do you make things for your senpai, even though you don’t like him anyways?
  7. Did your senpai ever get taken by someone?
  8. Did you threaten them over stealing your senpai?
  9. Do you enjoy anime?
  10. Did I do a decent job on this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Dere am I?