What Anime Should You Watch? (Beginners)

We all know anime can be really cool, but it can be overwhelming, find the right show to start with here.

Once you start one show It'll lead you to more here are the best to start with, depending on YOU.

Created by: happy11

  1. Okay sorry for this interruption but let me explain this if for people just getting into anime so it will be mainstream anime but it won't have over 100 episodes. Just to be clear. Okay?
  2. Would you prefer the anime to have a high-school environment?
  3. Action?
  4. Would you like it to be 'girly'?
  5. Would you like a strong plot over comedy?
  6. Does fanservice bother you?
  7. Blood; Yay or nay?
  8. Would you rather have a male or female lead?
  9. Romance?
  10. Demons/Monsters?

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Quiz topic: What Anime should I Watch? (Beginners)