How Metal Are You?

Many people claim to know metal. Some people really do, others not so much. Metal comes in all different forms, whether it be black metal, death metal, thrash metal, hair, glam, math, nu, or even plain old heavy metal, they are all derived from true rock and roll.

Do you know metal? This quiz is here to let you know. There are two possible outcomes: one, you could be metal as f---, the other, you could be a mere tin tube. Really metal or not at all. These are the two possibilities of this quiz, so say a prayer to the metal gods, turn up the radio, and try your knowledge of the darker side of rock and roll.

Created by: -daveb-
  1. Who invented metal?
  2. Where did the phrase "heavy metal" actually originate from?
  3. Which member of Megadeth was once in Metallica?
  4. Which is the Original drummer of slayer?
  5. What is widely revered as the worst Metallica album EVER?
  6. What is the name of iron maiden's mascot?
  7. Who is anthrax's bald headed, long bearded guitarist?
  8. Who is the late guitarist from Pantera?
  9. What is his real name?
  10. What is Ozzy Osbourne's real first name?
  11. What band released the album two minutes to midnight?
  12. Who is considered the band who killed heavy metal?
  13. What is geezer butler's real name?
  14. What kind of amp does spinal tap use?
  15. Cradle of filth covered hallowed be thy name and fear of the dark. Who wrote these songs?
  16. Fill in the blank: I am iron man, ________.
  17. Fill in the blank: "I'm goin' off the rails _______."
  18. Ok that last one was pretty easy. This one, not as much. What city was Dave Lombardo born in?
  19. The "big four" are:
  20. The lead singer of twisted sister is:
  21. The bassist from motley Crue is:
  22. Does the name David Coverdale mean anything to you?
  23. It's a long way to the top if:
  24. Which came first? Ozzy sabbath or Dio sabbath?
  25. According to ronnie James Dio, who's the star of the masquerade?
  26. Lemmy killmiester is:
  27. "I don't share your greed, the only card I need is ___ ___ __ ______."
  28. Who is the lead singer of Judas priest?
  29. Which former member of exodus played in slayer?
  30. Pick one band formed after 1980.
  31. Where did "the horns" come from?
  32. What is slayer's logo based off of?
  33. Who are the members of Pantera?
  34. Where was Dimebag Darrel born?

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