How Mean Are You?

There are many mean people in the world, but very few people keep it hidden inside and dont show it. All they show is goodness, which is fake. Is your goodness fake...or real???????

How evil are YOU? How much of your goodness is TRUE? I have disigned this quiz to let you know just how mean you really are. Now remember, this quiz wont help you at ALL, unless you answer TRUTHFULLY! Good luck on finding out how mean YOU really ARE. GOODLUCK ON THE QUIZ!!!!!!!

Created by: Kristin

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  1. Have u ever taken a away a lollypop from a kid?
  2. Do you ever wake up in the morning and just start acting like a b---- to everybody for no good reason?
  3. Whenever you see a spider, do you ever think "SPIDER MUST DIE!!!"
  4. When you see a homeless man in the street, and u hav a five dollor bill, do you
  5. When you go shopping with a friend and she asks you whether ot not she looks fat in the clothes she trys on,what do you tell her?
  6. If u saw a stray puppy on the stree,what would you do?
  7. If your little brother or sister took away your i pod, how would you get it back?
  8. When you and your best friend get in an argument,what do you usually do?
  9. when your at school, how do you act?
  10. When your playing a video game,how do you play it?
  11. If you could describe this test how would you desvribe it

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Quiz topic: How Mean am I?