how mature are you ?

The mature test will ask you various questions of how mature people can get its very fun so give my test a try some of the are crazy and you can skip them if you want but you will not get a correct for sure answer of how mature you are so there's your warning

Are you mature enough to take my quiz well you never know so take my quiz it is very fun youll know how mature you actually are if you take my quiz right now

Created by: venessa beez
  1. Do you play with dolls?
  2. What grade are you in ?
  3. Be honest do you drink alcohol?
  4. Do people call you dumb ?
  5. Do you smoke?
  6. Have you hit puberty yet? (I know this might be kiNd of weird)
  7. Are you popular?
  8. Do you think your mature?
  9. Do you have your life planed ?
  10. Tell me the honestly did you like this quiz?it won't change your score

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Quiz topic: How mature am I ?