Are you MATURE??

Am I mature or immature? You may wanna find out if you are mature. YES, many people in the world have different meanings. Some say, its acting your age and some say not laughing at silly people. Mature people make good decsions, they are normally quite in class but are also fun people to be around after school. This quiz is for teens.

Are you mature or not? If you quite don't know yet, this quiz will be of great help. You'll find out....after you've taken the quiz. So go ahead and find out whether you've mature or not, you maybe are so give it a shot! Good luck with the results and please be honest with your answers to get an honest result**

Created by: Lutho Banzi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you make fun of other people's appearance?
  2. Do you swear at girls??
  3. Do you swear at boys?
  4. When your mind reminds you of homework you_______??
  5. When you make someone angry, what do u do?
  6. Do you respect gay people?
  7. During class, you________.
  8. How do you take out your depression??
  9. Do you study for your tests?
  10. Do you respect your friends?
  11. Do you go crazy in public?
  12. Do you care for other people's feelings?
  13. Do other people say, you're an awesome person?

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Quiz topic: Am I MATURE??