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  • Hey if this is your first quiz( it looks like it ) tips for next time : more results quit being lazy theirs a big gap from1 to 6 you need to put in a 2 3 4 5 and also you need to not put them all up so high I got like a 98% and the other two were 96% I think that's not good it needs to be like the result about 70 to 80 and the next 50 to 70 and the last no more than 50 then again more results to but if you do another just don't do positive on everything

  • Yeah...the idea of twins doesn't sit well with me. I want 2 kids, just not 2 at once! :)

  • 1 kid? i hate this quiz like every other quiz on gotoquiz EXCEPT MY QUIZZES:)

    :)1800 iluvpopcorn:)


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