How many kids will you have?

Well,I am smart and stuff.And I hope I am right!I sometimes are!I like it and Hope you injoy my quiz.If you get an anser you don't like just comment straight away

Are you a genius?Nobody knows everything!I hope you injoy and find out if you will have kids and how many will you have!I hope you are great and injoy

Created by: cats

  1. Do you aford food?
  2. Have you had a relation?
  3. Did you ever fall in love?
  4. How much clothes do you have in your closet?
  5. Do you like kids?
  6. When do you want to get married
  7. Do you ever get tired
  8. Where is your perfect holiday?
  9. How deep can you swim
  10. What is the best time doing at saturdays?
  11. What is your dream?
  12. Will you comment or rate
  13. Last one.Are you happy right now?

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Quiz topic: How many kids will I have?