how many kids and pets will you have

Please take this quiz it has few errors and I was really bored you can change the names I give you it is fine but just enjoy the pets were the main part of this quiz

WARNING some results are just alike so be careful but the ones that are alike are 4 and 7 and 1 and 2but they are good 4 and 7 are pets related but 1 and 2 are kid

Created by: jujayfourevs
  1. how many kids do you want
  2. if you get life 3 btw the pets are 2 dogs a monkey and 2 ferrets do you want cats
  3. what do you want to be
  4. are you sporty
  5. do you want a lot of pets
  6. pick a number 1-7
  7. how many kids
  8. what color is your hair
  9. are you smart
  10. do you want a big house

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Quiz topic: How many kids and pets will I have