How lucky are you?

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Luck. Luck is when you take a guess and you're correct once or twice out of ten. Sheer luck is when you take a guess and you get all ten correct.

Lucky. Lucky is when you continuously guess and you get it correct. How lucky are you? How many times can you guess and get it correct? Normally you'd just guess, but not anymore! This test ensures you how much luck is trapped inside of you. 6 answers, I correct one. All the answers are the same, but you have to let your luck luck free and see just how much luck you have.

Created by: Cheesems9

  1. Choose one.
  2. Choose one
  3. Choose one:
  4. Choose one-
  5. Choose one
  6. Choose One
  7. Choose one,
  8. 'Choose one
  9. Choose one'
  10. 'Choose one'
  11. Choose 1

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Quiz topic: How lucky am I?