how long would you survive WWII?

im a history FREAK!!!! i love to study world war 2, and i just recently took a quiz like this one, and it inspired me to make this one................

who knows? maybe you'll be a war survival expert and make it through the whole war, and leave permanent mark on history. or maybe you'll make it one year, or maybe you'll be a complete failure and die in the first five minuets. stop waiting, and take this quiz NOW!!!

Created by: Liz456

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  1. how do you react in a dangerous situation?
  2. how fit are you?
  3. could you kill someone?
  4. how does the sight of blood make you feel?
  5. how would you react if someone was shooting at you?
  6. you are in bunker when you see there is a tank and some enemy soldier out side. you...
  7. you are shot in the leg.
  8. you and a group of comrades are on patrol when enemy soldiers fire at you.
  9. you a re trapped by 3 enemy soldiers, you have two bullets and a knife.
  10. you platoon just took a small village, you go to house to house with one other soldier surching for enemy soldiers that might be left. you find a house with two enemies left in the basement.
  11. the enemy is fireing artillery in your position.
  12. your on air patrol when you spot an enemy air craft. they spot you first and soot at your plane. your wing catches fire.
  13. after a small fire fight with some enemey soldiers and your squad, your squad lead sends you to see if any survived. there is one still a lived and mortally wounded, he reaches for a pistol besides him, and he can nearly reach, he has his fingers on the handle...
  14. after ejecting from the plane, you land behind enemy lines.

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