How likely are you to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Well, find out how likely you are to survive! Some of the factors are controlled by you, others are not. Okay, I really hate these paragraphs...die, paragraph, die!

H i . H o w a r e y o u t o d a y ? I a m t i r e d o f w r i t i n g l i k e t h i s b u t i t u s e s u p m o r e c h a r a c t e r s.

Created by: DunnitRight
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  1. Where do you live? (Pick the closest.)
  2. Scenario: You are surrounded by zombies. There are 5 of you, and you see an opening, but you can only make it out with one other person. Who do you choose?
  3. Scenario: Getting out with all of your team, (due to a grenade your brother found at the last moment), you vote on places to stay. You vote for...
  4. Scenario: The group stays the night in your chosen location. When you wake up, you...
  5. Scenario: You pick up your weapon, ready to go about your job. What is it?
  6. Scenario: Having taken your weapon of choice, you and the group move on. You run into your brother's girlfriend, who is extremely traumatized and won't be any help at the moment. Do you let her join you?
  7. Scenario: You do take her in, as the rest of the group says yes. She isn't the best fighter, so what's her job?
  8. Scenario: Your baby sister was killed. How do you react?
  9. Do you have medical knowledge?
  10. Remember, much of who survives and who doesn't is based on luck. Even if you get the best possible results, you could still die, and even if you get the worst possible results, you could still survive.

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to survive the zombie apocalypse?