How Lazy Are You

This quiz will determine if you are lazy or not. Do you think you are sedentary, or do you think you have and active lifestyle. Take the quiz and see if what you think about yourself is true.

This quiz will rate you on a percentage to see how lazy you are. Maybe this can be a push to motivate you towards an active lifestyle, or it can reveal something about yourself you didn't already know about.

Created by: wizzyy

  1. What do you do in your spare time the most
  2. Do you ever call someone into the room you are in to grab an item because you don't feel like getting up
  3. Which job would you rather have(Assume they all pay the same)
  4. You ask your friend if they want to go get some food, and they agreed
  5. You have to write a paper between 2-5 pages on a easy topic
  6. You are at work and the manager tells you to wash the the dishes, ten minutes later you see a line outside
  7. If something is on the top shelf and you can't reach
  8. If you spill something
  9. Boneless or traditional wings
  10. Do you go to the gym
  11. You're in a crowded parking lot and the only spot available are ones far away from the door
  12. You want to go get some Ritas, and the closest one is less than a mile away
  13. You made it to Ritas but the line is long
  14. When getting fast food
  15. Cats or Dogs?
  16. You have to climb 3 flights of stairs, but there is a line for the elevator
  17. Do you ever text someone in the next room( or same room) cause you don't feel like getting up
  18. Where do you like to eat
  19. Do you cook for yourself
  20. Would your friends describe you lazy
  21. How ofter do you leave the house

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