How Italian are you?

In this world, there are many smartiepants and there are many dumbpants. But, whatever your score, don't be ashamed at all because what you got is fine.

My quiz is to see if people know what the Italian culture, life and language is. If you do, well done and maybe try and fix up a vacation to Italy to try it out.

Created by: SJohnson

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  1. What religion is the main Italian religion?
  2. In Italy, what traditional meal do you eat at Christmas?
  3. What is the capital city?
  4. What was the former currency of Italy
  5. What is the most known Italian island?
  6. If you were English visiting Italy, where would an Italian recommend you for a place to eat?
  7. Which language is the co-language of Italy?
  8. What country borders Italy in the centre?
  9. Which region has the fastest accent in Italy?
  10. Can you speak Italian?

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Quiz topic: How Italian am I?