How Irresponsible Are You?

Are you responsible? If not this is NOT the quiz for you. All you need to do to test your responsibility skills with my new 'How Irresponsible are You?" test.

Now, go ahead take the quiz, eat some banannas, obey your parents, do what is right beleive in yourself, be- ok I'm done here. Well, Enjoy! Oh, and try not to get a bad grade, but PLEASE be honest.

Created by: Sami
  1. You are walking around at school on your first day of middle school. You can't find your classroom. You
  2. Today you feel like popcorn, but you don't have any you decide to
  3. You have a late assingment and you forgot to finish your reading you
  4. While you're at home, you always
  5. You're at your friend's house and it's time to go home.....
  6. You LOVE Justin Beiber and you see a poster of him, you yell
  7. I like
  8. You see a person on the side of the road, you say
  9. I love to
  10. This quiz is

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Quiz topic: How Irresponsible am I?