How intelligent are you? (Part 1)

The answers to these questions are true facts, so don't think I have any answers wrong to questions. This quiz is really challenging, so don't give up and just do your best. I hope I don't make someone's brain explode or anything like that. Hope you do well!

Try not using the dictionary or other sites that would help you find the answers. I want to know what you think. Are you able to past this quiz? Try and I bet you'll fail! Laugh out loud! Just kidding. Thanks for taking my quiz! Make a comment!

Created by: rachcab21
  1. How long does pregnancy for African elephants take?
  2. In ancient Mediterraneon countries, what was olive oil used for?
  3. How many decimal places are in the math measurement Pi?
  4. What does the word "dinosaur" come from?
  5. How much skin do a person sheds in his or her lifetime?
  6. In ancient Persia, how did the people sleep?
  7. What is the product of 111,111,111 times 111,111,111?
  8. What does "bosky" mean?
  9. How much food do hummingbirds eat every day?
  10. What year was it when the largest gold nugget in California was found and how much did it weigh?
  11. If you spell out every number starting with one, what letter isn't used until you reachthe number one thousand?
  12. Is there a word for the act of snapping your fingers?
  13. (Follows last question) If so, what is it?
  14. Besides humans, what is the only land creature that can cry?
  15. Peter the Great, a Russian emperor, issued a special tax for who?
  16. If the human brain uses over 20% of our body's energy, how much does the human brain weigh?
  17. What is a "dentiloquist?"
  18. Which one has the most types of fishes swimming: Brazilian Amazon River or the entire Atlantic Ocean?
  19. Some parts of the Atacoma Desert in South America have gone without rain for how many years?
  20. Last question. In a group of 23 people, what is the highest probability for having the same birthday with someone?

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Quiz topic: How intelligent am I? (Part 1)