How insane are you?

There are many people in this world who say things such as "I'm crazy", or "I must be insane" without even thinking about what they are saying.

But, here it is! THE QUIZ TO SEE OF YOU REALLY ARE INSANE AFTER ALL THIS TIME! AFTER ALL OF YOU'RE LIFE UP TO THIS POINT! Take this quiz and you will see if you really ARE insane!

Created by: MegaDeth4evr

  1. How late do you stay up at night?
  2. If you had to listen to one kind of music from the choices below, which would you choose?
  3. Have you ever seen something in your room broken and didn't know how it got broke?
  4. Have you ever seen things or people that nobody else has seen?
  5. Have you ever had blood on you and not know where you got it on you from?
  6. Do you have alot of money?
  7. Do you have alot of guns / knives / etc.?
  8. What is you're opinion on this website? You know, the one you're takin' this quiz on!? (me: -sarcasm-)
  9. Okay, this is not a real song. But it is just something I threw together. But, if you would, YOU need to fill in the blank here after I type the first line. !! TRUST ME, THIS WILL HAVE AN EFFECT ON IF YOU ARE INSANE OR NOT !! Here I am, alone again, standing in this freezing rain, Will it end this way?, Will I be like this forever?, Sometimes I just feel like I'm gonna ______________.
  10. Do you like to have alot of coins or would you rather have a dollar bill for every 4 quarters?
  11. Well, the quiz is nearly over. When I said that, what, in your head, was your reaction?
  12. What did I mean by "Nearly"? ...It is over!

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Quiz topic: How insane am I?