How honest are you?

Honesty really is the best policy. The truth will set you free. But if you go overboard with it, it can bite you in the back, so be careful! There is less stress in a person's life if they are honest, as there should be no guilt when being honest. If you are not an honest person, then you may want to look into why that might be. Maybe you are in a profession where dishonesty is what keeps you alive. That would be sad if that was the case.

So are you ready to put your honesty to the test? If so, then you've come to the right place. Find out if you are honest enough to be my friend. Go ahead - take the test. I dare you!

Created by: April
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  1. Your best friend asks you how her new checkered blouse looks on her. You particularly do not like the style at all. You respond with
  2. When asked how old you are, you reply
  3. You see a fifty-dollar bill fall out of the pocket of the person walking ahead of you. You
  4. Two children are arguing about something a third child did. One of the arguers asks you if you saw the child do it. The third child is your sister's friend's child, and you did witness the crime. You
  5. Your underwear are digging into your behind while you are walking down the street. You
  6. You are playing Monopoly and your opponent needs to use the washroom. You take your turn anyway, get a double, and land on your opponent's most expensive property. You
  7. You are going to Bingo and your mother asks you to play a card for her, gives you the money, and says she will give you half if she wins big. While at Bingo, her card wins two prizes including the jackpot. You
  8. You are walking and you see a cheque made out to a large corporation on the pavement. You
  9. You are asked to go to a party hosted by someone you cannot stand. This person is not aware that you cannot stand him/her, or just will not take the hint. You
  10. You are getting groceries and the cashier gives you back more change than you were supposed to get back.

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Quiz topic: How honest am I?