How gymnast are you?

Is gymnastics your passion? If not, what is your passion?! FIND THAT OUT SOMEWHERE ELSE! But find out if you like gymnastics here! It may seem like you know but you might hate it on the outside, and like it on the inside. FIND OUT!!

Are you a good enough gymnast to pass this quiz and get the good result? find out!! TAKE THE QUIZ! ah I see you don't wanna take it. Well, then never know what your true passion is. aha I knew that'd get you.

Created by: amazon
  1. Do you like gymnastics?
  2. How many events do gymnasts compete on?
  3. What is the hardest girls vault?
  4. What is the highest level in gymnastics?
  5. When do you get to make up your routines?
  6. What level are you in gymnastics?
  7. Do you have grips?
  8. Do you have a bar, balance beam, or trampoline?
  9. do you have lots of books about gymnastics?
  10. Last one, do you get good scores at meets?

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Quiz topic: How gymnast am I?