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  • Please tell me this s--- is a joke.
    Like, really dude?

    Sure, "grunge" was made publicly known to the masses by the late Kurt Cobain. However, he himself didn't identify as grunge.

    There really isn't a grunge style. It's basically a way of life. Sure, there are basics. But it's not conformative. It should be in bedded in your personality, preferances, outlook on life, etc.

    You can't really "become grunge" you either are or you're not. Labels are bulls---.

    I took this quiz for laughs, but I felt embarrassed about it all. You have a stereotypical outlook on the community.

    I kind of feel bad for you, man...

  • I'm actually laughing at how some ppl are butthurt by this quiz, lol, I love grunge music, and most of my clothes are like 'grunge' not a wannabe, only the style that i love, seriously, a quiz doesn't define how grunge you are. I was laughing that I was 0% because I purposely got all the answers wrong and it say i'm totally grunge. -.-

  • this is stupid I have been listening to nirvana and singing sun of a gun since birth blackwhole sun too i can sing the whole corduroy and all of daughter along with dope nose I can explain American idiot I was rocking out to foofighters at age 4 along with smashing pumpkins and the presidents of the United States of America as a baby and I would exist without the Seattle grunge scene just because I wasn't born in it doesn't mean it doesn't effect me and please add a they/them gender i am non binary

  • Alright I took this to maybe get a cheap laugh but now I almost want to vomit in my mouth because of the ridiculous result I got. I grew up listening to grunge and the post grunge genre. So tell me again I'm not grunge? Although it did make me laugh so thank you for that.

  • Hilarity!! Took this for a laugh and it said I wasn't grunge! Definitely listened to grunge back in he day and still listen to it a bit now haha. Surely was good for a minute or two of fun, I'm with us jaycevanderpijl, can't take this stuff too serious, it's just a quiz.

  • 73%! I thought not bad... though the author thought definitely different hahah fine okay, I'm 18, I wasn't there, yes it sucks balls, but of course I knew grunge didn't have any "phrases" ?! I guess having a young, "ex-grunge" parent helps... :L Eat yar socks with love

  • Took this for a laugh, managed to get 89%. But yeah, this quiz is bull. A quiz can't really tell you who or what you are. Just stay true to yourselves. That's all that really matters. And don't let anything or anyone tell you who you are and/or who you aren't. What they think doesn't really matter.

    Peace+Love to all.

  • 68% and you say I ain't grunge? I grew up in Oregon, grunge music is in my veins, I grew up practically breathing it. You're probably from the east coast and NOT FROM HERE.

  • I scored 85% grunge but this stupid test says I hate grunge and don't even know what it is? Did they put the evaluations in backwards?

  • Aye lol I just noticed they got the percentages the wrong way

  • im 13 and i got 65%. I love grunge,punk, metal, and classic rock

  • Wtf is this lol . %98 percent and I don't even know what grunge is smh.

  • lol I got 96% and it says I'm not grunge at all? wtfff


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