How Good is Your Oral Hygiene?

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Maintaining stable oral hygiene routines can improve one’s overall health; however, it varies from person to person. Whether one is truly capable of making his/her teeth shine, or if one wants their mouth to smell like rotten dairy products.

Are you one of those who enjoy the process of cleaning your teeth, or do you completely ignore it all together. Take this quiz and find out YOUR result(s)!

Created by: HottyToddyRebs
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Firstly, did you clean your mouth at all today?
  4. Secondly, do you floss regularly?
  5. Thirdly, do you rinse regularly?
  6. How often do you brush your teeth per week?
  7. How close are people standing near you?
  8. Do you currently have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?
  9. If you answered “Yes” on the last question, how often does s/he try to kiss you; NOT based on your oral health?
  10. Here is a similar question: how many times does s/he try to kiss you regarding your oral health?
  11. How often do people offer you breath refreshers such as: Mints, gum, breath spray, etc.?
  12. How often do you brush your tongue?
  13. Out of the listed options below: which one is your favorite food?
  14. Do you brush your teeth before you go to bed?
  15. As of right now, do you have any oral problems or diseases listed below?
  16. As of right now, are you currently undergoing orthodontic treatment?
  17. If you answered “Yes” on the last question, what kind of orthodontic applicants do you currently have?
  18. This may sound ridiculous, but where do you live?
  19. If you live within the United States, excluding continental and overseas TERRITORIES, which region do you live in?
  20. Do you care if your breath stinks?
  21. How often do you consume cheese or other dairy products each month?
  22. Have you ever had a swarm of flies (or gnats) or a flock of seagulls fly close to your mouth (or within the exterior of your body)?
  23. Has anyone nicely implied to you that your breath stinks?
  24. As of right now, do you suffer from a dry mouth (Xerostomia)?
  25. In your opinion, how would you rank your oral hygiene?

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Quiz topic: How Good is my Oral Hygiene?