How good is you're taste in music

Many kids 2day have turnd to da rong music, if you are the 1% who still listens to awesum music lyk metallica and led zeplin u'll love this 1 but if ur 1 of those jbieber fans dont do it xD

Wow metallica the best forever!!!!!!!!!! Una de las mejores bandas del mundo, para mi la mejor y en especial de heavy metal,y pensar que este fue uno de los conciertos mas grandes de´╗┐ toda la historia dond asistieron mas 1 millon 200 mil personas...!!!!!!!! Viva el rock y heavy metal forever lml...

Created by: smorgasbord

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. witch 1 of dese bans woul u listen 2?
  2. what of these genres is da best?
  3. U go 2 hot topic 2 buy a band shirt 4 ur gf which 1 is it?
  4. Which of these musiciens would you hang out wit
  5. Which 1 of this websites is da best for muzic?
  6. fav anime? xD unrealted but anime is kool
  7. u asked ur mom to get you an instrument for xmas but u unrap the present and its a crappy key broad instaed of a real instrument wat do u do
  8. fav album?
  9. u see some1 dissin ur fav band on u tube
  10. ur new gf wants to play u 1 of her vynil discs but its sum weirs band dat sounds lyk aleins playin syntazisers (its called mgmt DONT LOOK IT UP)

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