How good do you ride a horse

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this quiz i made up when i was bored so please no mean comments. i do ride a horse but i want to see what other people do in everyday things like this if you ride

this text covers different things that start from different points. i dont know about you but getting a stone wegde in the middle of cross country doesnt sound very fun either.

Created by: HorseLover4ever

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  1. what would you do first before you go on a really long trail ride
  2. your horse got a stone wegde while on the trail and you are alone. what would you do now
  3. you are half way to the camping place and your horse stops and wont move anymore what do you do
  4. your horse wants to bolt at the sound of a growl. you start to freak out but you see it justs a normal dog. your horse bolts and the dog chases the horse taking you deep into the woods. what would you do next
  5. your friends say she got a new horse and ask you to come over but when you do you see the horse and bad shape. you tell your friend this but she isnt listening.
  6. your dad tells you he is selling the horse to a little girl that wants a horse. you tell your dad no way. but he says this or the other option. what would you do
  7. your horse just died and your parents say they are going to get you a new one. but it has been over a year. your birthday is coming up and you wonder why you havent got a new horse yet. maybe the wanted to wait you friends tells you the next day after you complained to her about it
  8. your pony was let out the day before a horrible snow storm. you where at your friends house for the weekend when your parents call you and tell you to come home. you here their voices really sad so you ride over on your friends bike as fast as possible to the barn.then you see your pony really sick. your parents ask what you would prefer to do with the pony
  9. your parents send you to summer camp for a week. you tell them you dont want to go but the already signed you up and paid the fee. so you go anyways but when you come back you discover your horse is missing. what do you do next
  10. you see a wild horse. you really like the color so you tell your parents about it and your dad promises to catch the wild horse. he gets the horse and puts it in the training ring that has really high fencing. he tells you that the horse needs to calm down and you watch the horse calm down every day and seems to respond to you calling the horse Liberty. then you recall a horse that looks exactly like a horse that ran away from you a year ago. you jump into the pen and call liberty the horse comes right up to you. you call your dad and tell him what you found out. what do you do next after that

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