How good do you know AnimalJam?

Some people play animal jam and few are experts.What's an expert for animal jam?That my friend is a Peron who loves the game like me!Also it is a person that loves adventure because you wanna talk about an adventure around every corner.

Are you an animal jam expert?Do you have what it takes to pass my quiz?Hopefully you do.And by taking my quiz that I made just for people like you who love to find out things,and can figure out.

Created by: rayraysmile

  1. :easy question: What is a beta in animal jam.
  2. When you buy 3 months of membership,how many diamonds do you get?
  3. What is the wolf Alphas name? (Me favorite alpha)
  4. WHAT IS 2+2???!?!? I'm just kidding many clothes can you buy?
  5. What is the name of th he enemy's that try to take over Animal jam or Jamaa(the name of where they live)
  6. What is the name of the protector all over Jamaal who is even greater then the alphas?
  7. What are the four things you can make you AJ Animal do?
  8. What is the panda alphas name
  9. :easy:What is the name of diz GAME!!?!!? derp
  10. How many different colors can one AJ Animal have O3O!?
  11. LAST QUESTION!!!! This is hard for those who just don't know or can't remember...What is the name of the man who has a lab in jamaa and has videos in jamaa and also made the game POSSIBLE?

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Quiz topic: How good do I know AnimalJam?