how good are you in bed

you are one of the most exciting kinda people to have in the sack due to the types of skills you have in the sack. you can become a p--- star one day you can really work it and move it

wow you really are a p--- star and you show everyone how it's done.. do you get payed for this i bet people just keep coming back for more. i bet people just can get enough of the skills you have

Created by: brandy

  1. have you has sex before
  2. how many positions have you tryed
  3. during sex you like to
  4. would you rather be on top or on bottom
  5. do you have any toys
  6. is this quiz to much for u
  7. have you ever had a 3 some
  8. have you thought of your mother wrong??
  9. have you thought of your fother in anyway nasty
  10. was this quiz good

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Quiz topic: How good am I in bed