how good are you at math?

sure, people are good at math. but there really isn't a test that can determine how smart you are. this score just determines how much expertise when it comes to the subject of math.

remember that this score doesn't have anything to do with your math level compared to other people. don't take the quiz over and over and over until you get 100%, because you will get frustrated. good luck!

Created by: seth ringer of sploder
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  1. i have 1000 cookies. you have 3000 cookies. we sell 25% of them, eat 30%, and boxed up the rest. what's the % left and how many cookies were boxed up?
  2. A+A=B
  3. 10xA=B B=
  4. 1/2.
  5. 2+2=
  6. 18+22
  7. how many times have you eaten chocalate?
  8. 200x20=
  9. um..
  10. 1000x2=
  11. 365x24=
  12. i have 300 cookies. you have 700 cookies. together we have 1000. is that true or false?
  13. how many zeros does vigintillion have?
  14. this is the last question.

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Quiz topic: How good am I at math?