Are you an objectivist?

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This is a small quiz, consisting of 15 yes/no questions. The test will try to determine in what amount you agree with Ayn Rand's Philosophy of objectivism.

This test is only really useful for people who have very little knowledge about the subject and to then determine if they could be interested to study objectivism.

Created by: Elegast
  1. Is a very wealthy person who never needs to worry about having enough funds to support their husband/wife and children under a moral obligation to give to charity?
  2. The people of a city had a vote. A democratic majority of 84% voted that companies should give their employees at least a 2-hour break a day. Is the democratic vote more important than the little freedom the employers had to give up?
  3. Do people have a moral right to put any substance they want into their bodies, assuming that no harm is done to another individual?
  4. Is it moral to force someone to do something that is for their own benefit? For example, the wearing of seatbelts.
  5. In life, is acting in your own self-interest all the time immoral?
  6. Is it moral for women to obey or be dependent on men?
  7. Do you have a moral obligation to a brother/sister, father/mother that you don't have to strangers?
  8. Does the fact of being born put a moral obligation on you to someone else.
  9. You are a 25 year old girl who accidentally got pregnant. You have the funds and time to care for a baby. Is it immoral to have an abortion?
  10. Some jobs are lost as a consequence of automation. Is it moral to limit technology, so less people will lose their jobs and income?
  11. Do you consider social welfare, that is taking money from a certain group and redistributing to other groups based on the values of politicians who were democratically elected, moral?
  12. Do people have certain individual rights, like freedom of speech or equality before the law, that cannot be taken away democratically, not even by a 99% majority?
  13. When politicians make policies, should they be guided purely by reason without any feelings influencing the decision making?
  14. Should the moral purpose in life of a human being be to think as much as he or she can about the well-being of other people?
  15. Do people have a moral right to murder people, if it in the act of self-defense?
  16. Who is John Galt? (Answer has no influence on result.)

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