How girly are you?

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Are you more of a girly girl or a tomboy? You might be a little of both. This quiz can tell you which one you are more of. So which one are you? This quiz can tell you which one.

I created this quiz because I know some people who are girly but are also a tomboy. But which one are they more of? Feel free to share this quiz with your friends.

Created by: Karie of
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  1. Do you wax your eyebrows?
  2. Do you paint your nails?
  3. Do you wear makeup?
  4. Who would you rather listen to?
  5. Which store would you rather go to?
  6. Which shoe would you rather wear?
  7. Which color do you like more?
  8. Which movie genre do you like better?
  9. If you burp or hear someone else burp which would you rather do?
  10. Which would you rather wear?

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Quiz topic: How girly am I?