Do YOU want to see if your girly or not?! Well, on this quiz you can! All with a simple click of a button!

I was bord and im NOT girly but since people who are usually are annoying i decided to make this Quiz!

Created by: KrimanalTaDragon

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  1. Do you were purfume or make up?
  2. Do you carry a purse or hand bag?
  3. Do you were heels or uggs or bearpaw?
  4. Do you often go shopping for cloths?
  5. Do you wear popular clothes?
  6. Are you popular?
  7. Are you in a group of pop peeps?
  8. Do you talk sass talk?
  9. Do you find this helpful?
  10. Will you rate comment and share?

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Quiz topic: HOW GIRLY am I?!