How Gangsta do you dress?

A lot of people try to dress gangsta. Some people do it well others... not so much. Some people may be on their way others... can try to keep it goin maybe you'll have some luck. Find out if you dress gangsta.

Is Gangsta your style? If you think it is find out how well you do it and if you need work or not. For some people it comes natural for some you need some improvements find out where you stand.

Created by: Greg Smith

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Be Honest. What store do you buy your clothes at?
  2. What Shoes Do you prefer?
  3. What Brand of Shirts/Hoodies do you own?
  4. How do you wear your hats?
  5. What brand jeans/shorts do you wear?
  6. How do you wear those jeans/shorts?
  7. Do you where a belt? If you do what do they look like?
  8. Do you have a larger belt buckle to put over the original belt buckle?
  9. Do you keep your sneakers clean?
  10. How many different colors do you have on your sneakers?
  11. Do you care about matching?
  12. Last question. Do you know your style?

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Quiz topic: How Gangsta do I dress?