how funny are you

tons of people are funny but most aren't. that's just the way it is. so before you go stoming outta her (which would be hilarious) see if you are funny or just a boring nerdy person who nobody wants to listen to.

are YOU funny? take rhis amazingly awesome quiz to find out. then go watch spongebob or some dumb nerdy show. or a sports game i dont care just try out the quiz already k! *says really fast* and go watch spongebob haha i said it before you.

Created by: me1236
  1. do you make people laugh
  2. can you make me laugh?
  3. hahaha *makes silly face*
  4. how hard can you make me laugh
  5. hi
  6. have you ever peed your pants from laughing sooooo hard
  7. are u bored
  8. did u know most of these don't count like next one
  9. i'm getting a whippet( a really fast dog) are u excited for me
  10. bye

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Quiz topic: How funny am I