How "Foodie" are you?

We all love eating.. different things and some of us are more adventurous than others, here is a fun quiz for you to take and find out how much you know about buying a nd cooking food.

How much do you all know about the food you eat, how to prepare it and how to cook it..?.. are you one who likes to open something from the freezer and zap it in the microwave.. or do you prefer to buy fresh and slave over a hot stove..?

Created by: happsy

  1. What is "Black Pudding" made from?
  2. If you are having Fish and Chips for dinner, what would be the traditional accompaniment for it?
  3. If you are celebrating "Burns Night", and you have a haggis, what is traditionally eaten with it?
  4. What does the term "Barding" mean?
  5. Out of these curries, which is the hottest?
  6. How are meringues made?
  7. Who is the famous TV chef who is a director at Norwich City Football Club?
  8. What is Mange Tout?
  9. When making yorkshire puddings, which flour must be used..?
  10. Once you have made your Yorkshire Puddings, what would you serve them with traditionally..?
  11. what is "Rocket"
  12. Which of these is blue cheese..?
  13. what is Caviar?
  14. Which of these is a cut of beef..?
  15. The TV chef Rick Stein, is most famous for which type of cookery..?
  16. Please name the tv chef who lives at "River Cottage"
  17. What is Pilau?
  18. How do you make Mayonnaise?
  19. Which of these is the most expensive cuts of steak?
  20. What is Creme Anglais?

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Quiz topic: How "Foodie" am I?