How Fobbish are you?

Are you a FOB??? Need some reassurance??? Take the quiz and find out!!!!!!! We have five levels of grading. Therefore, it is easier and more accurate to find out your level of fobbiness. Come take this quiz and keep up the desi pride.

Find out if you have what it takes to be a FOB!!! Take the quiz and find out your level of fobbiness. You can now find a more accurate rank which will suit you and your fobbiness

Created by: Binish Khan

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  1. You go to a restaurant and
  2. When you have to go the restroom you say:
  3. How do you drink your Tea/chai?
  4. You drop a piece of candy on the floor
  5. You are in the car on your way to an aunty's house. Your sister offers you a candy. After eating,
  6. When you go to the mall
  7. When you have american friends over
  8. When you have an aunty over
  9. If someone is to look inside your bathroom one will find
  10. When you go outside
  11. you are likely to eat daal chawal
  12. When you were little how were you punished when you misbehaved
  13. You keep candles handy because
  14. When you bring your report card home with good grades
  15. In school people turn aroud at look at you because
  16. When you go to gorcery store
  17. When you are invited to a party
  18. When it's summer

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Quiz topic: How Fobbish am I?