how flirty are you?

so, how flirty are you? flirty enough to get your perfect guy? or maybe to flirty or not enough. how flirty will you be?? oh, and I hate filling in a paragraph lol :) good luck

sooo... just answer these questions and ou're gonna find out how flirty you are really. Please don't take offence from your result- it's just a stupid quiz :) please rate and comment :)

Created by: xcatsx
  1. ok- hi there!
  2. do you talk to...
  3. what do you like in a guy
  4. what do you wear to impress a guy?
  5. what do you say to guys
  6. do you prefer
  7. whats your favourite color
  8. how would you describe yourself
  9. are you
  10. what's your type
  11. do you stand out from the crowd?
  12. last question... did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How flirty am I?