How Fen are You?

Are you Fen, or not? Do you know your root crops? What kind of Landscape do you like? Are the Fens in your heart, or does the thought of watery places leave you cold?

Let's find out. Do you know your Fens? Are your habits and preferences 'Fen Like'? Now you can find out due to this fun, tongue in cheeks and possibly inaccurate quiz.

Created by: Bill

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  1. If someone asked you what was built when Ely Cathedral's Norman Tower collapsed, what would you reply?
  2. What kind of views do you like the most?
  3. What is your typical Ely Saturday?
  4. Where is a great place to shop?
  5. What's your favourite order at the chippy?
  6. What's your favourite food out of these?
  7. Which is your favourite type of show?
  8. Which pastime do you like the most?
  9. What colour is soil?
  10. What kind of Island is Ely based and built on?
  11. In what year were the Littleport riots?
  12. Where did Bricstan live
  13. How do you pronounce the word 'certificate'?
  14. Where were you born?
  15. What are organic vegetables?
  16. When you drive to work..
  17. Where did you go to school?
  18. When you go out..

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Quiz topic: How Fen am I?