How Fat Are You !!!!

Hey do you think you're fat well this is how you'll know if you're fat , skinny , or average. this quiz we'll tell you all, and it's very blunt sorry but the truth hurts so TAKE THIS QUIZ ...IF YOU DARE !!!!

ARE YOU FAT !!! Do have flab? Until Now you could only Wonder !!! but thanks to this AWESOME quiz, in just a few minuetes you will find out !!!!! Get Ready........ Get Set .......... GOOO !!!!!

Created by: Leah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many helpings do you have at the dinner table ???
  2. Do you think you're Fat ???
  3. Do you eat alot of fat foods ???
  4. Do you drink alot of Pop????
  5. Do you have Love handles ???
  6. Do People Call You Fat ???
  7. Would You Die For hamburgers ???? (LOL)
  8. Do you think you're butt is really big but like a saggy big ???
  9. Does You're Stomach Jiggle when you walk ???
  10. LAST QUESTION don't worry. Do You Have Abs ????

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Quiz topic: How Fat am I !!!!