How Fat Are You?

In the world you will find fat people, and you will find skinny people. Which are you? Take this simple, fun, Fat Quiz to find out! I put A LOT of time into it to make extremely accurate, so your result will be very close to your actual weight!

In just a few minutes find out how fat you really are! Don't worry, it doesn't matter whether you are skinny or fat, your weight doesn't matter! No go take my quiz, you'll love it!

Created by: Fugina
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your weight?
  2. Your favorite food?
  3. How about your favorite fast food place?
  4. Do you count calories?
  5. Do you exercise?
  6. How many meals do you eat a day?
  7. Please pinch your belly. How much fat can you grab?
  8. Please count your fat rolls. How many can you count?
  9. What happens when you walk up and down the stairs?
  10. Do you have a weight loss goal?
  11. Have you ever been on a diet?
  12. Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?
  13. Does your belly touch the table?
  14. Do you have a double chin?
  15. What shape BEST describes your body?
  16. Have you ever been encouraged to lose weight?
  17. Are you eating right now or were you at any time during this quiz?
  18. What is your favorite exercise?
  19. Do you gain weight during the holiday season?
  20. What is your favorite candy out of the following?
  21. How easily do you gain/lose weight?
  22. Do you like Coke Zero?
  23. Have you ever played Just Dance (or a similar dance game)?
  24. On a rainy day, you:
  25. Please stand up and look down. What do you see? (and don't cheat and lean forward)!
  26. Imagine you have a blind date. You are talking to them on the phone. If they ask you what you look like, what do you tell them?
  27. Are your relatives fat?
  28. Which would you most likely wear to the beach?
  29. How would you react of you saw someone skinnier than you complain that they were fat?
  30. What is your shirt size?
  31. Pants size?
  32. Dress size?
  33. When you wear jeans, do you have a muffin top?
  34. What is your height?
  35. Do you want to be fat?
  36. Have you ever been asked if you were pregnant?
  37. Are your friends concerned/unhappy about your weight?
  38. Have you ever played with your belly button?
  39. What do you think when you go to the store and nothing fits you?
  40. What is your BMI score?
  41. What is your dream job?
  42. Is this the first "Fat Quiz" that you have taken?
  43. When you run out of your favorite snack, you:
  44. Do you like movies like "Shallow Hal" and "To Be Fat Like Me"?
  45. I know this is a really long quiz, but hang in there! Last few questions. How fast can you swim?
  46. How fast could you run if you were running for your life?
  47. Why did you take this quiz?
  48. Last question. Did you like this quiz? (will not affect your score)

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Quiz topic: How Fat am I?