How fashionable are you ?

Fashion stocks, or people whose dressing is admired by everyone friends or enemy you cannot just denny the fact or help it to admire them. Having fashion sense is also an important part of your social life.

People often like to dress their best and be like that. But only a few are able to be the fashion stock or fashion queen whose trends are followed. Are you curious to know if you are one of them. Here's your chance go for it!!!

Created by: Cute Kitty

  1. What type of footwear would you wear ?
  2. Accordin' to you which one is the most comfe ?
  3. What school uniform would you prefer if you had... to ? I know it sounds lame.
  4. Pretty eyes????
  5. If you couls have any color hair what would u want?
  6. What do you usually wear at school ?
  7. Ur fav. hairstyle ? All includes accesories if u want...
  8. Do u prefer tattoos?
  9. How 'bout necklaces ?
  10. What would you choose if you were going out?

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Quiz topic: How fashionable am I ?