Plenty of people love fashion. Fashion is everywhere. People get dressed everyday, right? That's fashion. but......... Not everyone know wht looks best

So, if you think YOU have what it takes to pass my fashion test then go ahead!!! I'm pretty experienced in the fashion indusrty so you can trust the scores 89.6%

Created by: kmin

  1. What of the following is IN in spring/summer 2012?
  2. People with heart-shped faces look best in what hairstyle???
  3. If you have an oval-shaped face, wht sunglass style is best for you??
  4. Lets say you have a charm braclet...and its got loads of bead and charms. the beads are colorful, and the charms are silver. And then your parents or someone else buys you a gold charm. WHen it's on it looks...
  5. What do wedge heels look best with?
  6. True or False? If you have blue eyes, you should wear blue make-up to emphasize the color
  7. What type of earrings seem to make your face look thinner?
  8. OK, so your wearing a pair of flared jeans with a 2colored striped shirt with a black 3/4 sleeves pro-looking jacket.Plus, your shoes are strppy black heels. What accsesory pulls this look together?
  9. Are bright pastels coming back??? (2012 summer)
  10. Baby-colors are good colors to dress in in Easter. (For like the bunny and little kid stuff-ish.) True or False? (BTW baby-colors are like pale blues, pale pinks, etc)
  11. Is the Eiffel Tower a pretty big fashion stapel?

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