how fake are you?!

a lot of girls want to be slim and want to look like models and celebrities, but some think the key to it is buying products and wearing all the latest fashions and loadsa make up. other girls believe in natural remedies.

the question is, what kind of a girl are you? find out how fake you are, just by answering 12 questions, to see if you could start eating healthy, instead of slapping on loads of lipgloss.

Created by: lisa
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  1. do you have plastic surgery?
  2. do you wear make up a lot?
  3. do you straighten your hair a lot?
  4. do you use products or natural remedies?
  5. do you wear fake tan?
  6. is your face shiny?
  7. are you healthy?
  8. do people talk about you behind your back?
  9. what would you wear on a normal day?
  10. do you wear make up for school/work?

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Quiz topic: How fake am I?!